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Sustainable and Responsible Visiting 

We care about our environment and are sure you do too. We provide all you need at The Granary to  enjoy a sustainable break.

If you travel to The Granary without a car you get a 10% discount and a £1 ticket to rove the Island on the Southern Vectis rover. Travelling to us this way is easy using train, catamaran and bus (see details on our Location page). 

If you arrive by electric car you can charge for free during your stay using our on site charger.

We provide details of walks from our doorstep, and great cycle routes around the Island. If you come by bike you can safely store cycles in the stable (which also has all you need to repair and maintain your bike).  If you prefer the slower pace of walking we provide maps, torches, umbrellas and even a welly washing hose right by the door!

You can also use the wonderful buses to get around the Island.

If you have any other suggestions about how we can operate more sustainably please do let us know.


Sustainable accommodation

The windows are all doubled-glazed.

Electricity is 100% renewable and partly generated by our solar panels.

Heating and hot water are provided by air source heat pump and solar PV.

Light bulbs are all low energy LED.

The shower is not a power shower.

Wood for the wood-burning stove comes from our own trees.

The building has been insulated to high energy efficiency standards.

All appliances are A-listed for energy efficiency. 

The joinery is crafted from reclaimed scaffold boards.

The Granary has been renovated using local stone and repointed using traditional lime mortar techniques. The timber cladding charred using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique comes from reclaimed floor boards.

The Granary has been painted using breathable, nature-derived paints to support a healthy indoor environment and to allow for effective moisture management through the solid stone walls.

The pool rarely needs topping up and is cleaned by a very efficient filtration system, that runs on solar, and using the minimum amount of chemicals.

All marketing, bookings and information is done online and by email to save paper and energy.


Please help us to reduce the impact of Manor Bottom on the environment and save energy by:

Switching off all lights when you leave the house, at night and when rooms are not in use. 

Considering putting a jumper on before turning up the thermostats

Keeping outside doors closed when the heating is on.

Using the washing line in the yard when it is dry, rather than the tumble dryer.

Closing the doors of the wood burner – you’ll use less wood.

Using the kindling provided instead of fire-lighters.

Using the cotton shopping bags in the kitchen drawer

Leaving unused towels folded in the bathrooms and leaving unused beds made up to avoid unnecessary laundry. 

The shower is not a power shower, which could use twice as much water and energy as an ordinary shower.

Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Reducing car use. Some of the best walks on the island start from Manor Bottom’s back door, so you don’t always need to use the car.

Following the Country Code: Manor Bottom is located within a designated Area of Outstanding Beauty. Please help to protect plants and animals by taking litter away, leaving gates and property as you found them and considering other people. 


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