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Covid-19 Information


The current global pandemic means that in many ways we have to operate differently. To that end we have updated our House Manual and our Terms and Conditions, we are using Virakill cleaning products alongside our normal range, and we have undertaken a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and will use PACS’s cleaning checklist

We kindly ask guests to click on the links in the paragraph above and read them carefully. We have, however, bullet pointed some particularly important points below, which all guests must agree to before visiting us:

Covid related refunds:

  • You will get a refund if:

    • You cannot travel to us, or we cannot host you due to government restrictions. Alternatively you can choose other free dates if you prefer​​.

    • We have to cancel your booking due to the previous guests contracting Covid and having to isolate at the property.

    • You test positive for Covid and the regulations at the time of travel require that you isolate and so cannot travel

  • You will not necessarily get a refund if:

    •  You choose not to travel but you have not tested positive for Covid and/or the guidelines at the time of travel do not restrict you from travelling.

  • In light of the above, we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover your costs. Insurance is cheap and easy to buy.

Covid-19 Specific Terms and Conditions:

  • If you have or any member of your party has Covid-19 or any symptoms at all you must not travel to The Granary. 

  • If you or any member of your party develop Covid-19 symptoms during your stay at The Granary, you must notify us immediately and follow government guidelines of what to do in such circumstances. If you need to self-isolate beyond your booked time at the Granary due to Covid-19, you will be charged the full nightly rate for your extended stay.

  • If the guest/guests prior to your booking are forced to self-isolate at The Granary for the period you have booked due to Covid-19 symptoms, we will sadly need to cancel your booking with us, at very short notice. In such case we will give you a full refund. I will stress that this is very unlikely, and this will be the case for all rental properties in the country.

  • If you develop Covid symptoms within the two weeks after your stay at The Granary, you will need to inform us of this.

  • Books, records and games that we leave out for our guests will have been cleaned and been in quarantine for a week prior to your arrival.

  • No promotional guides or leaflets will be left out as is usually the case. If you need any suggestions or advice on things to do you can message us or have a socially distanced conversation.

  • The gym studio, attached to the main house, is a shared space. If you would like to use the gym studio you will need to give us your schedule prior to your arrival. We understand this seems strict but it is necessary. 

We are sure that despite Covid-19, you will have a wonderful holiday at The Granary. Please, if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steve and Agnieszka 


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