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James, the Moroccan Beach Dog

Updated: May 5, 2019

Not only were we lucky enough last week to have photos taken of The Granary by our friends Cyryl and Patrycja from latent images, we were also privileged to meet their dog, James. As you can probably see from the portrait above, a nobler dog you will not meet, with a wisdom seemingly older than the world exuding from his eyes. He is in fact a well travelled dog. He was adopted by Cyryl and Patrycja in Morocco, where he frequented the beach in Agadir. Now, a beach dog is a cool dog, but when you also imagine him winding through the narrow streets of the Casbah, seeing what he can find, he just becomes even cooler. A wily street dog beats a Bichon Frise by a mile any day of the week!

I am a champion stroker and I think James recognised that. It was a privilege granted to me to stroke him for a few minutes, and I know he enjoyed it. It is always the eyes of a dog I remember most lucidly - I can bring back crystal clear images of my two childhood dogs as they looked at me. And James' eyes I won't forget, even though I only looked into them for a few moments.

Cheers James!

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