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Cherry Blossom Over-rated?

It is not, it's really not. But if it were, then surely you can't think the same about the hawthorn blossom? Traditionally known as the May Tree for its time of flowering (I guess the 'Traditionals' didn't factor in climate change!), it produces sweet, white flowers with a pinkish tinge. So prevalent is hawthorn around here, and so thick is the blossom, that entire hedgerows can look like they are covered in snow at this time of year.

The 'Traditionals' also thought many other strange things about this ancient tree. Some believed that bringing hawthorn blossom into the house meant a death or illness was imminent. Celtic myth said that hawthorn was the tree most likely to be inhabited by fairies, and that chopping one down would incur the wrath of its supernatural guardians.

What I know is that the blossom smells wonderful, the haws, later in the year, make great jam, and that the hawthorn is great for our wildlife, supporting 300 kinds of insects, nourishing migrating birds, and sustaining native birds. And their dense, thorny foliage makes them great nesting places for birds and hiding places for small mammals.

To see a year in the life of a hawthorn click here.

To see an entirely unconnected vid of a beautiful new song by Weyes Blood click here.

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