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Blue in Green

Updated: May 14, 2019

The Pool and The Granary, as if painted by David Hockney!

The sunny days are giving us lots of energy - literally: Our solar panels are harvesting the sunlight and powering everything The Granary needs. In fact we have so much we have been treating the pool to a spa session, leaving the filters on for extra long periods - this makes the water as crystalline as can be, and saves me work. More time for me to jump in and do laps in the bracing water.

I say 'bracing' (16 degrees at present) as we do not heat the pool. Now we are producing so much green energy it may be possible to heat the pool sustainably with an air source heat pump, effectively dumping the surplus energy the panels produce into warming the pool. I'm in two minds though. I know many guests may prefer warmer water but I love the cold and am a firm believer in the good it is claimed to do. Don't want to get all Wim Hof on you, but I do feel it reduces stress and boosts the immune system. It certainly makes you feel great when you get out (that''ll be the endorphin high), particularly in our sun-trap courtyard, possibly with a glass of wine waiting. And why not add to the good mood, and make the reference in my title slightly less tenuous, by listening to Miles Davis doing Blue in Green (dwell on the Bill Evans solo)?

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