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On a Golden Autumn Day...

Late autumn sunlight through the sentinel ash

Paul Verlaine should have visited The Granary! There are no sighing violins here in autumn, and dead leaves are beautiful, shed by trees anticipating another shiny summer. Past days are not worth sighing over - now is the best time, now is autumn, and the autumn here is never monotone – it is full of sound, and the colour is breath-taking.

November is a golden month! Last November I swam in the sea on several sunny days, the gulf stream keeping the sea temperature at a balmy 16 degrees, the sun warming me as I sat in my towel drying naturally. The air is crisp, cool enough for long country walks. On those walks you can still hear the birds singing, most now leaving later and later each year, and watch the leaves turning gold – though the ash has already shed its leaves, the maples, oaks and cherries give the most beautiful display, each leaf an individual, turning at its own pace, telling its own story. These walks can go for miles and miles without a bead of sweat running down your brow.

One of the greatest delights of such a walk is being home again afterwards, able cook a wonderful meal whilst sipping a glass of wine and, as the evening comes on and the darkness draws in, light the wood burning stove and keep the wine coming as you put on a record and sit and enjoy the fire, retracing the day’s walk in your mind.

I love autumn, too, because it has the best songs written for it. Summer’s songs are just too chirpy, winter’s too Chritmassy, and spring’s just delusional! Autumn is where the reality lies! Clear, crisp...OK, yeah…maybe just a touch of melancholy.

So check out the following playlist and listen to the songs as you stroll the downs and beaches a short walk from The Granary. Or put it on as you go out and feel the night.

A truly 'Golden Autumn Day'

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